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Speak Life Global is affiliated with an organization called Minister’s Fellowship International (MFI). MFI is a tremendous source of strength, stability, accountability and identity and Speak Life Canada is honoured to be a part of the MFI family.

“MFI exists to facilitate and nurture meaningful relationships among member ministers, equipping and enabling them to be more effective in their callings, for the purpose of building and multiplying strong local churches around the world.”

MFI was set up for the sole purpose of linking ministers to ministers. It was established distinctly to provide for the strengthening of ministers while maintaining a high regard for the authority and autonomy of every local church.

MFI provides an atmosphere where church leaders of like vision can join together, minister to each other and find accountability, relationship, resources and apostolic assistance, and where their congregations can find identity on a national and international level. MFI is not a denomination. It is a fellowship for ministers.

For more information on MFI visit their website at:

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