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February Ministry Update

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Taipei Taiwan

1-3 - We were honoured to speak at Ps Abraham Liu's church called Taipei Revival Church. A large church with multiple services on the weekend. 37 people came to Jesus!! That never gets old. I so appreciate the relationships God has made for us in Taiwan. I'm amazed at the unity of the churches in Taiwan. God is up to something significant in this nation.

Trenton, Ontario

8-10 - Pastor Travis and Camilla Blais invited me to do our "Hearing God Seminar" over 60 people were trained how to hear Gods voice and use their gifts within the local church, Ps Paul Maines came with me. we also had a prophetic evening at Bethel Church Trenton.

Scotland, England & Wales

14-26 - Sheila and I travelled to the UK for an awesome 12 days. We spent a few days ministering in Scotland and then traveled to visit my mom. It was so awesome to walk where I grew up and see sights I had never seen before, we had such a great time. The picture of me standing by a door was the house I spent my first 4 years of life in. We then spent a day in London sightseeing. The weekend found us in Wales with Ps Andrew Yeoman and Ps Rick Johnston doing prophetic meetings and a city wide prayer meeting at the Bible College of Wales built by Rees Howells and renovated by Cornerstone Church from Singapore. We had such a great time and will be back next year.


Part of travelling the world is navigating flight schedules and time zones. Sheila and I flew from the UK 7.5 hours and arrived back home by 4:30 pm. We then did our laundry, had dinner with the kids, repacked and headed back to the airport for 11:00 pm. We flew 14.5 hours to Taiwan, had a 2 hour layover then flew 4.5 hrs to Singapore, had another 4 hr layover to then fly 5.5 hrs to Perth about 33.5 hours of travel. Let's just say we were tired when we arrived. HAHA. God is so good to give us strength to do what we get to do.


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