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Health Update

On Tuesday September 17th at 11:30 am I experienced a heart attack in Taipei, Taiwan. One of the people who I had just ministered to was an emergency room doctor. When he came back into the room, he immediately said we needed to get to the hospital. He helped me get to Cathay Hospital the top Cardiac Hospital in Taipei only 5 mins away. My enzyme levels began to rise indicating there was a problem and I was transferred to CCU.

Sheila was back at home, I was able to call her & she immediately booked a flight to come back to Taipei. While she was enroute it was determined that I needed an Arterial Intervention surgery. They discovered that I had 3 blocked arteries 1 at 99% & 2 at 70%. They put a 3 1/2 cm stent in the most critical artery. Within a half hour I was feeling much better.

We experienced so many miracles this past week:

1. Gods protection over my life as I was experiencing the heart attack. 2. Pastor Jane & Jenny for recognizing this was not heartburn and acted so quickly to call Dr David. 3. Dr. David being there at the right time to diagnose and get me to the hospital, He spoke great English and was able to help me understand what was going on. 4. Dr. Chang and the nursing staff for the unbelievable care and comfort they gave me. 5. The lady while getting an ECHO gram on my heart took my arm and began to say to me, GOD Bless you! GOD Bless You! Her eyes and words showed me she was a believer who was praying in that moment. 6. Dr. Peter, a Pediatric Dr who worked at Cathay hospital who I met on Sunday at lunch, came each day explaining everything I was experiencing & helped both Sheila and I understand. He also helped in our discharge procedure ...

I want to thank the following people: • Jesus for His protection over my life • To my wife for her faith and love to care for me • To my family & friends who were so encouraging and standing in prayer • To all the pastors in Taiwan for their prayers, love & care for me • To all the churches, pastors and friends who lifted me in prayer, I’m so grateful for all who took time to pray and believe the best ... I am happy to be alive & home! I am grateful for a God who protects and heals. I will be taking the next 3 months off to rest and recuperate.


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