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January Ministry Update

Updated: Feb 7, 2019


Your story has the ability to impact people on many levels. This wonderful couple shared that last year they heard our story and asked for prayer, the husband was struggling but received our ministry. This year they testified how God had worked in their lives, healed their marriage and were now pregnant. God is Good. Share your testimony, it has power and can impact people building their faith and stirring them for miracles to happen.


Jan 5-10Impact Church pastored by Cameron and Sandra Jeffs is one of our sponsoring Churches, they have supported us from the beginning. We were excited to start the year off with their church and interns. 5 people came to Jesus on the Sunday service.

Jan 7-8Harvest Christian Fellowship pastored by Roy and Chris Stephenson invited us for 2 nights of prophetic impartation. Harvest is doing great and have seen many people saved over the last few years.

Jan 11-13Stoney Creek Christian Fellowship pastored by Mike and Janie Thornley hosted our first “Hearing from God” seminar, 35 people attended and we enjoyed our time very much. I stayed over the weekend and ministered at the church. SCCF is a great family church.

Jan 14-18 Bridge City Church – pastored by Rick & Natalie Paladin is a church with 5 campuses. Each year they have prophetic nights for each campus, Charlie Sweet and I had a great time ministering each night.

Jan 22 – Crossroads Life Church pastored by John & Jan Finochio and one of our sponsoring churches from the beginning invited me in for a night of prophetic impartation.

Jan 22-24 Lakemount Worship Centre pastored by Matt & Lisa Tapley invite me once a year to teach their interns on the prophetic, its always a great time.


Jan 25-31 Taipei Truth Church a large spirit filled church pastored by Ian and Paige Liao invited me for the week. I preached 3 times and met with many groups and business people. 39 people came to Jesus!

Jan 28 – Full Gospel Businessmen led by Tony Tseng invited me to share with key business leaders and then have dinner with their key team. It was a wonderful day and evening, these guys have such a heart for the nation of Taiwan.

Every month, faithful churches and individuals partner with Speak Life Canada by faithfully praying and supporting financially, for that I am very grateful! If you would like to become a  monthly partner or be a one time contributor please click Donate and follow the instructions, you will receive a tax receipt for your donation at the end of the year.

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